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Hello there, I am Greg Roggeman, and this is my little corner of the web.

My wife, Lisa (a.k.a. Lee), and I used to live in New Orleans, Louisiana until Katrina came and ruined our apartment building. We now live in Saint Louis, Missouri, where I am building my massage therapy practice.

Because of Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP,) I can no longer see a normal computer monitor and therefore use screen reading software to read the text from the screen. This is why you won't be seeing any pictures here any time soon -- well, maybe next year. :)

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Then go into the great personage boldly and remember these things; and you will see what a youth is who has studied these things when he is among men who have not studied them. I indeed imagine that you will have such thoughts as these: "Why do we make so great and so many preparations for nothing? Is this the thing which men name power? Is this the antechamber? this the men of the bedchamber? this the armed guards? Is it for this that I listened to so many discourses? All this is nothing: but I have been preparing myself for something great."

--Epictetus: Discourses (book 2)

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